Everyone deserves hockey hugs


I’m laughing so much right now.


Can you tell what I’ve been obsessed with today? (and every other day.)


can’t wait to own dogs with u

My cousin nominated all my siblings for the ice bucket challenge!  

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Making my boobs look horrible, all for “modesty’s” sake #Christiangirlprobs

Oh my I’ve come a far way in 2 years.

Antoine Valois-Fortier wins Bronze in Judo


i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me


Also, I got into hockey when I was up [in Canada] as well x

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Track Title: Take Me To Church

Artist: Hozier

Album: Take Me To Church E.P.


"Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life."

Track Title: Hold You Up

Artist: The Gaslight Anthem

Album: Here Comes My Man